2015 Fashion Immersive Information


The mission of the Creative Lab Fashion Immersive (CL/FI) is to identify creative entrepreneurs (fashion apparel and/or accessory designer) and provide up to ten participants an opportunity to deepen their relationship with their craft, increase opportunities for investment, and provide them with mentoring/coaching on the business of creating content, producing it, marketing and monetizing it. CL/FI strives to accelerate their next steps in their professional careers.

For more information on applying for the Fashion Immersive, please see our CL/FI Program Details page and CL/FI Submission Application page.


Step 1: Include up to 10 participants in the Fashion Immersive program that will provide them with the business experience and an understanding of the fashion industry in Hawaii and how it’s connected to the US Mainland market and possibly International market.

Step 2: Select up to 3 “Finalists” who will be mentored through the process of designing a collection, creating patterns, samples, and additional brand collateral needed for professional sales and marketing meetings.

Step 3: Take up 3 Finalists to Los Angeles during the official LA Fashion Market to participate in an immersive program that would include meetings with industry experts, creating investment and sales opportunities, and networking with sourcing/manufacturing businesses.

Step 4: Continued mentoring for all original participants and Finalists to create a presentation to show at a major Hawaii fashion platform event.

Step 5: Present a runway show and/or presentation at a major Hawaii fashion platform event.

Step 6: Host final mentoring sessions for all original participants and Finalists through development of the remainder of their collection and facilitate follow up meetings with mainland contacts to help accelerate them to the next steps of their careers and projects.

July 17-21, 2015

*Exclusive to the 10 Selected Applicants of the CL/FI Program

DAY 1 : Introduction to Program with The Cut Collective, Business Model Canvas and Guest Panel Discussion about running a fashion business in Hawaii.

Presentations by:

  • Successful Local Brand/Manufacturer
  • Online Mogul
    KEOLA RAPOZO, Owner of Fitted Hawaii
  • Local Boutique/Designer
  • Large Hawaii Brand into National Market
  • Planning for Growth through Large Retailers
  • Business Model Canvas
    Hawaii Small Business Development Center

DAY 2: Centering Your Brand and the Process of Creating Your Brand Deck

Presented by BLISS LAU, NY-based Fine Jewelry Designer

DAY 3: Sales and Marketing. What does the sales and marketing roadmap look like for a brand from Hawaii going into the National Market?

  • Presentation on the Process of PR, Sales Management, etc.
  • Presentation on Photoshoot Concept and Prep
    Presented by BLISS LAUNY-based Fine Jewelry Designer
  • Line Sheet or Lookbook Layout with The Cut Collective and
    Graphic Designer JOSH DULATRE

DAY 4: Create the Look and Speed Networking to form your Creative Team

  • Presentation on the Process of Creating the Look
    Senior and Managing Editors at Honolulu Magazine
  • Speed Networking with Hair Stylists, Make-Up Artists, Models, Photographers, Stylists, and Graphic Designers

DAY 5: Production with The Cut Collective, Mock Pitch Day and
One-on-One Mentoring

  • Production Overview by The Cut Collective
  • Practice Pitch with Buyers, Store Owners, Fashion Writers, Editors, Investors/Banks, etc.
  • Mentors include:
    TANNA DANG, Owner of Eden in Love Boutique
    KEOLA RAPOZO, Owner of Fitted Hawaii
    BREE DALLWITZ, Vice President at Klick Communications

June 2015-Feb 2016Cut Collective Logo

JUNE 22, 2015
Announcement of Fashion Immersive Program

JULY 10, 2015
CL/FI Application Due

JULY 11-13, 2015
Application Selection Process

JULY 14, 2015
Announcement of Selected Ten Applicants

JULY 17-21, 2015
Five-Day Immersive Workshop

AUGUST 3, 2015
Final Portfolio Submission Due

AUGUST 4-5, 2015
Finalist Selection Process

AUGUST 7, 2015
Announcement of Selected Three Finalists

Production of Sample Garments & Brand Collateral Preparation for Los Angeles Meetings

OCTOBER 12-16, 2015
Los Angeles Trip

Final Presentation in Honolulu

Continued Monthly Meetings with Mentors for All Selected Applicant