2016 Web-Series Immersive Participants

Chad ThurmanChad Thurman

Chad Thurman acts like a stand-up comedian who was raised by a pack of wolves. He has a love for nature, especially animals and seawater flows through his veins. Chad has made appearances in front of the camera, but has spent most of his career behind an array of camera bodies, lenses, lights, microphones and orchestrated the compilation of that media on click-click beep-beep machines. A modern-day Renaissance man, focused on high-definition video and photography; but he has painted murals, written narration, played music on soundtracks, worked on feature films and national television, built web sites and swam with sharks. He won’t tell you, but Thurman really hopes you support his filmmaking & artwork, so he doesn’t have to get a “real job”.



Dan MooreDan Moore

Avid big wave surfer and film maker

Producer of  film “Finding Aloha The Movie” released in 2009. Producer of the TV episode “Soul Surfers TV” with OC16 2011-current.

Producer of the surf film “The essence of surfing” released 2014.




Dee McBrideDee McBride

Dee McBride is co-owner of MataRock Productions together with her husband Shawn McBride. They are currently in post-production with their first Web Series Paradise justice. It was an ambitious project with over 80 actors and crew and has a large following on social media. After spending a year on this project they created a comedy series called Rock Silly Wish Willy. This series will showcase local talent and provide a venue for them to submit funny skits they have written. Dee is producer and cowriter of both projects. They are also writing a third web series that will begin production by the end of the year. Dee has currently joined the project Potluck with Smooth as producer.

Diq DiamondDiq Diamond

Born and raised in Southern California, working as a Director/Writer on film/commercial sets, editor and camera operator for multiple projects. Founder and singer/song writer for the bands Diq Diamond and the Family Jewels and Solid, did missionary work in Ecuador and with The Mercy Corp, taught Special Education for 15 years and then went back to school to follow film dream. Diamond has written multiple shorts and 3 feature length scripts that are currently being work shopped and/or pitched. Most of his stories center around the under-belly and outcast of society, and the simple kindness that is needed to put smiles on their faces, if not for just a short while.

Jeff OrigJeff Orig

Jeff Orig is an award-winning filmmaker based in Honolulu, Hawaii.  He was recently nominated for Outstanding Director for a Comedy in the prestigious L.A. Web Fest.  His production company, Orig Media, has also recently won the American Advertising Association (Pele) Award for Best Local Commercial Over 60 Seconds.





Lisa OrigLisa Orig

Lisa Orig is the co-executive producer of Upside-Down Pilates, the long running TV series on OC16 and web series on Youtube.  She owns Hawaii’s foremost pilates studio, Upside-Down Pilates studio.   She is also a professional dancer and choreographer.  Lisa received her Master’s Degree in Bio-Mechanics and Dance and continues to study Neuro-Muscular Re-education with Irene Dowd of the Julliard School every year in New York.