Fellowships and Paid Writing Gigs with Warner Bros, CBS and others!

Some new developments sent to us from the International Screenwriters’ Association. Follow the links and apply now. Deadlines are soon approaching.


CBS Writers Mentoring Program

FELLOWSHIP – Apply by May 31st


Warner Bros. TeIevision Writers’ Workshop

FELLOWSHIP – Apply by May 31st


Walt Disney TeIevision Writing Program

FELLOWSHIP – Apply by June 5th


Seeking Contained Features With Limited Cast Size

PAID: [Upfront – Option or Sale / Back end – To be Negotiated]


Edgy Late Teen/Early Twenties Drama Pilots Wanted

PAID: [Payment up front and back end]


Seeking Comedy/ Family Comedy/ Buddy Comedy Scripts

PAID: [WGA minimums, option or sale (Union & non-union writers will qualify)]


Seeking Action-Comedies With Hilarious, Original, Fresh Characters.

PAID: [Option or sale based on WGA Minimums (non-union writers accepted)