Learn how to protect your intellectual property from the US Patent and Trademark Office!

The Path to a Patent quarterly series covers everything from intellectual property basics, to patent searching, to what you’ll need to draft and submit your patent application. The series is part of our ongoing intellectual property training for independent inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.


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JUL 14, 2022 – VIRTUAL

USPTO experts provide an overview of the different types of intellectual property (IP) that includes patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights as well as an introduction to the patent process.

USPTO experts will discuss the key differences between provisional and nonprovisional patent applications, filing requirements and fees, the different ways to file a provisional application, and more.

USPTO experts discuss preliminary patent searching using the suggested Seven-Step Strategy.

USPTO experts discuss the formalities and requirements of drafting a patent application, as well as how to avoid common mistakes.

USPTO experts discuss parts of the claim in a patent application, show examples of claim illustrations from issued U.S. patents, and help participants develop a better appreciation of how a patent examiner views a claim.