Creative Lab Hawaii Music Immersive Artists Featured on FOX Trailers for TV Series “Empire” and “Star”

Sept. 26, 2018


HONOLULU – The Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) congratulates Creative Lab Hawaii Music Immersive (CLHMI) Fellows, Faith Rivera and Olivia (LIIV) Cargile, on the placement of songs in two of the biggest online television promos of the upcoming television season.

Fox Broadcasting Company (Fox) recently released the online promo videos of two of their top-rated drama series, “Empire” and “Star,” which features “Burn For You,” co-written by Faith Rivera, and “Before You Do It Again,” co-written by Olivia Cargile (LIIV) during the Creative Lab Hawaii Music Immersive (CLHMI) in July 2017 and 2018.

“What an amazing experience to write with brilliant creators at the Creative Lab Music Immersive and now have our music out in the world! Definitely a team win for everyone – mentors, producers, artists, local songwriters and Hawaii,” said Faith. Artists who participate in CLHMI work with network executives, record producers and seasoned songwriters to create new works for television, film and international commercials.

“The Immersive program experience was life-changing. Each day presented me with opportunities to expand creatively, foster and develop my music, as well as form bonds that will last a lifetime,” said LIIV.  “There were many highlights of the week-long program, but one that stood with me in particular was meeting the people that would later create a song with me and help move my career as an artist to the next level.”

“It is exciting to see what talented individuals like Faith and LIIV can achieve through their experience with Creative Lab Hawaii’s Immersive Programs,” said DBEDT Director Luis P. Salaveria. “Through direct access to music industry mentors in entertainment media, their talent is reaching a worldwide platform and audience, reinforcing Hawaii’s position as a hub for developing compelling content for the global entertainment industry.”

Both from Oahu and now pursuing their careers full time, Faith and LIIV were both participants in the 2018 CLHMI, which fosters media integration opportunities for Program Fellows, while helping to expand their creative network through access to world-class music industry mentors, providing an unprecedented collaborative process.

CLHMI offers both established and promising songwriter applicants the opportunity to collaborate with leading entertainment studio executives, hit-making producers and music industry insiders on songs for specific TV and film projects.

Both artists were able to work directly with Mamie Coleman, senior vice president and head of promotions at Fox Television.  “As a TV Network music executive, it can be challenging to place the perfect song in a campaign, but to have an opportunity to create music with the best talent in Hawaii has been very rewarding on all accounts. We’ve been able to produce and license amazing songs in two of our biggest Fox TV show promos this Fall thanks to this program,” said Mamie.

Since the inception of the program, music from the CLHMI has garnered 15 placements in film projects and TV series, as well as national and international advertising campaigns.

“Hawaii has a wealth of talent, and the goal of the Creative Lab Hawaii Music Immersive is to help our local artists make the connections they need to be successful in the mainstream music business,” said Georja Skinner, chief officer of DBEDT’s Creative Industries Division and founder of CLH.  “We are excited to offer talented and creative entrepreneurs like Faith and LIIV with access to the right tools and contacts to monetize their work.”

“This national attention will help artist like Faith and LIIV establish their careers as successful professional singer-songwriters and will help fuel the success of future TV song placements,” said Charles Michael Brotman, executive director, CLH Music Immersive. “

Faith’s co-writers were Andre Merritt and Josh Bartholomew and LIIV’s co-writers were Mikey Wax and Brian Fennel, each of whom are established hit song writers with histories of TV and film song placements. Other staff team members involved in the placement included Lynn Grossman of Secret Road Music and Michael Eames of Pen Music.

Promo spots can be viewed at: and at

The season premiere of “Empire” will air on Fox (KHON) on Sept. 26, 2018, at 7 pm HST, to be directly followed by the season premiere of “STAR” at 8 pm HST.

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