Writers Immersive

A track for writers in all genres to develop new content for motion pictures, and television. Participants receive coaching on script writing and taking projects to market.

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The Writers Immersive is a five-day program for writers in motion pictures, and television. The yearlong program includes five days of intensive work in Hawaii, followed with a one-year coaching program that supports participants in executing their material as individuals, and as a group.

In partnership with the Diversity Program of the Writers Guild of America West, the Writers Immersive is designed to empower writers to take their stories and craft to the next level via one-on-one and small group coaching.

In order to be considered for the program, writers must have written minimum of three screenplays in their selected platforms, (Motion Picture, Television Drama, or Television Comedy), with the strong preference given to writers whose material has been already produced, either short form or long form.

Other requirements can be viewed in the application packet. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Writers Guild of America West coaches have included: Julia Cho (BETRAYAL, BIG LOVE, and FRINGE); Dennis Leoni (RESURRECTION BOULEVARD, MCKENNA, and THE COMMISH), Ligiah Villalobos (UNDER THE SAME MOON, DANCING IN SEPTEMBER and ED). Also writer director Aimee Lagos (NO GOOD DEED, 96 MINUTES), television writer/producer Nelson Soler (RAVENSWOOD, LINCOLN HEIGHTS), and writer/producer Antonio Macia (AFFLUENZA, FOUNTAIN AND NEVER).

Selected finalists from each cycle are flown to Los Angeles, where they are exposed to the business of writing.

In addition to the five-day workshop, Creative Lab Hawaii at HIFF/Public Programs brings well renowned writers to share their knowledge and creative journey with our participants and members of the State of Hawaii community.  Past speakers have included: Bobby Moresco, Academy Award-winning actor, director, producer, and writer (MILLION DOLLAR BABY and CRASH), Lucy Alibar, Academy  Award Nominated writer (BEAST OF THE SOUTHERN WILD).